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Blake Hodge - Summer Preparations for Calling Contests

As summer is here and most everyone is fishing or boating, it's time for me to start preparing for duck and goose calling contests. I usually start off by trimming reeds and replacing corks in my duck calls and shaving reeds in my goose calls. As I start running (blowing) them I'm building my air flow back to where I can blow three consecative rounds which last for one minute and thirty seconds. This may not seem long to some but try blowing a instrument or singing for that length of time with only a couple of breaths, it's tough, believe me!

Once, I've got back in the groove, I call my mentor Butch Richenback (founder of RNT calls) in Stuttgart, AR and let him listen to my routines and then he gives me good and bad, yes bad feedback. (HaHa). After hanging up with Butch, I continue to work on my routine so I will be better prepared for the upcoming contest.

Calling contests are not only fun, but they allow me to meet new friends and see different states as we travel all over the United States. Also, I like to look at it as a way of bringing duck/goose season in earlier than September.

Anyone interested in calling competitively, or just wanting to get better, feel free to get in touch with me and I will be glad to help out. My email is