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Blake Hodge - Xpress Bayou 18V Handles It All

With a full waterfowl season under our Xpress Bayou 18 V’s belt, which is powered by a GTR 35, I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure driving and hunting out of it. Our season consisted of timber, marsh flats, open water and river hunts. The boat handled more than great in every situation.

From mud to open water, our Xpress Bayou 18 V has gotten the job done. Our clients have enjoyed it as well, because the excitement of the boat ride adds to their hunt. We all love a good boat ride!

As spring is in the air, we have added more than curls to the boat with Redfish, and largemouth bass. We are looking for more reasons to get our Xpress 18 V on the water, so stay tuned for more Xpression’s!

Blake Hodge - Team WC