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Capt. Elton Rodrigue - Fishing With Old Man Winter

Old man winter has set in on the bayou and the fish are in place! These pictures are a good example of what goes on down in South Louisiana During Feb and Jan. The Trout are in the winter holes and there ain't no running them out! If you can brave a short chilly boat ride it's easy picking on most days.

The first 2 pictures were from January 11th, in 20+ mph winds and right behind a major rain event! Most people would say don't even go. The third picture is from the week before, a cold ride in my Xpress, deep into the marsh. The only other boats you see back there are duck hunters with surface drives. It involves running across miles of very shallow water to get to a 12 foot deep hole packed with Trout. We caught 75 of those monsters and were back at the dock drinking coffee by 8:30am!

My Xpress has a great baitwell, but I never really need it down here (it also makes great storage). Plastics is all we ever use, no live or stink bait needed! During the end of summer we will carry live croakers for tough, hot days. Croakers are hard to keep alive, but mine are always plenty lively when I release them at the end of the day cause we didn't need them.

You probably can't tell, but I love my winter fishing spots and my Xpress boat gets me to them safely! I laugh when I pass birds standing in the water knowing their legs are not 4 feet long!