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Capt. Elton Rodrigue - September Fishing Is On Fire

I did manage to get a few trips in during August and did pretty good but, most days the weather was too wet for pictures. I mostly worked the coast line and also had the Xpress out to the islands a couple days. Handles the chop well, allows me to fish up close to the beach without getting out of the boat and gets me back in on very little fuel, gotta love that!

Well I'm out of the country the month of September for my "real job" but, I do keep up with what's going on. I couldn't get any fishing in on my last week home due to Hurricane Isaac. Although most of our coast was hit very hard the Bayou Dularge area was spared and the fishing is ON FIRE!

Even though Redfish are here all year September has to be the best month. The Reds are in the marsh and biting anything right now. It's this time of the year I use the big live well in my Xpress the most. We will usually limit out on Reds in our first hour of fishing but that live well will keep even Redfish live and healthy all day. That allows us to keep fishing and culling until we have a limit of perfect size Reds for the grill.

I can't wait to get home in October, the Reds will still be there like always and the Speckled Trout will have completed their transition to the inner marsh where the "Catch Dat One", Xpress HD 20/115 Yam can hunt them down. My favorite time of the year!

The picture is from September last year when Capt Marty and I was field testing some prototype baits. Capt Marty has one in his mouth.

Capt. Marty

Capt. Marty