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Capt. Elton Rodrigue - Success in the Burtal Winds

We have been experiencing high east/southeast winds for over a week now and have not been able to fish the islands and platforms on the coast which is where the Trout are this time of year. A couple days ago I decided to fish the marsh and just look for Redfish and what do I find, Trout! Yes, with the high winds and above normal water level the shrimp are pushed back in the marsh and the trout are stacked up feeding! Not big trout but, in these conditions I'll take it. Caught well over 100 trout in a couple hours and kept 25 keepers.

Everyone is canceling trips or just settling for Reds but, we are on the Trout! The Trout have been in this one spot everyday and not many people know it! We are coming in with limits everyday while most people are canceling trips!