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Paul Sims - Small Boat, Big Advantage

Small boat, Big advantage. Through the years I have learned one thing about tournament bass fishing. A boat has never caught a fish. Some people ask if I am at a disadvantage fishing out of a smaller bass boat like my H51. Simple answer is NO. My boat is my advantage. Fishing out of a smaller boat like my H51 has enabled me to reach spots the big guys can't get to. Also, the smaller horse power motor like my 90 Yamaha enables me to run all day looking for active fish and allows me slow down and figure a pattern out. Trust me, it is fast enough and the Hyperlift hull is the perfect combination with my 90. Great ride, great performance, reduced operating cost etc. Do I want an X19 absolutely, do I need an X19 to do what I do...not at all.

If you do your homework before a tournament, chances are you know where the fish are, the trick is figuring the pattern out and being there when they want to eat. You cannot do that at 70mph.