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Paul Sims - Summer Fishing Tips

Well, it's my favorite time of the year to fish. The bass are through spawning and are quickly moving in to their summer time patterns. Here's a tip to catch fish most people either skip over because of the trouble or never think of trying.

During the hot summer months, I've found that bass feed shallow in the early morning. Then, as the sun and temps rise, they will slide out to a little deeper water during the day before moving back up shallow to feed again at dark. I fish several lakes that have docks that are parallel to each other with little room in between. Since I fish out of a Xpress H51 I can get in between these docks quite easily.

I focus on the walkways as bass will use the pilings that make up the frame work of the pier as we use a road to drive on. They will move in and out under the walkways, feeding as they go. Bigger boats just can't do that on some strings of docks. The tightly packed docks are the ones I concentrate on because they usually have had little to no pressure on them due the the difficulty bigger boats have fishing them.

Good luck and try this next time the temp heats up and the fish cool down.