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Ron Festavan - Summer Bass Are Here

Summer habits are definitely here for bass! Last tournament on Rayburn was won on deep brush piles...sure sign. In our part of the country you have to be able to fish deep for bigger stringers from late June through early September. We are fortunate to have the quality fisheries that you can catch them shallow all year long, but when it's hot you have to get deep for stringers of quality bass.

My favorite technique is throwing BIG crankbaits off of long points into deeper drops. When you hit that pattern right you can get rich in a hurry. I like a 34 oz Hot Lips crankbait in chartreuse and blue combinations, ten pound test P-Line XT, on a 7ft. 11in. Crucial crankbait rod. A good Navionics chip will help you locate points and humps, then just throw as hard as you can, as far as you can and crank that Hot Lips down as deep as possible.

I know that everyone hears it in every article, but it is absolutely true, if you can hit something on the bottom...brush, log, rock, bridge piling anything that will cause that bait to jump erratically you are way more likely to get bit, it is absolutely the key to bites. I generally practice by riding and looking at my electronics trying to find something on the bottom on a good point or hump. Once I find a good laydown, I will throw at it from every angle until I find the sweet spot. This takes some time but it is well worth it once you connect with the right combination.