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Ron Festavan - Transition Time Is Here

Transition time is here, been practicing for the final super-tournament (two-day) for BASS Weekend series on Sam Rayburn, currently in 19th place in standings for the year, looks good for qualifying for regional at Wright Patman in Texarkana.

Went to Wright Patman this weekend to look over the lake, looking for early fall pattern... good feeder creeks with shad moving in. Fall is definitely SHAD time, most of the fish will be moving around following the shad schools. Tough part will be if they suspend out in open water roaming under the shad. Hard to keep up with, you can see them but they don't stay in one place. It will be much better if they push shad into backs of creeks against the bank. That makes a good topwater bite and buzzbait situation.

As the sun gets up, move off the bank to first drop or depth change and throw a shad colored square bill 1.5 down the conture. As temperatures continues to fall, this pattern will develop quickly, before winter patterns take over. Remember the key will be find the bait and the fish will be around close.