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Ron Festavan - Weekend Series Tournament Blog

Fished Thursday, Friday and Saturday, last week, in preparation for BASS Weekend Series this Saturday. Fishing has been really strange on Sam Rayburn as we have 4 to 5 feet of new water and the fish are scattered everywhere. We are experiencing a typical post-spawn pattern however with way more water than there has been in a year. The pattern of fishing bank lines with new weeds, which we call pin grass has lots of small fish running bait through the grass. You have to cover miles of bank line to get 5 keepers. Ten to twelve pounds has been getting a check on Rayburn for the past few months which is almost unheard of for Rayburn???

I decided to put my new XPress to good use and find some fish that may not be getting beat up on the bank lines and got some quality bites in heavy brush on big creeks. My strategy is to find fish behind the pin grass in the thickest brush I can get to where most my fear to go. My boat has really been an advantage for what I am doing. I am literally dragging it through flooded willows and buck brush, getting on my knees to cast to small openings in the trees and brush. Not sure if I am on to something but had several bites, stuck two fish that I was able to pull to the top of brush that were in the 3 to 4 pound range. Caught one 4 pounder then left the area to look for similar areas. Will be leaving Wednesday to go back for three days practice before tournament. Hope to fine tune what I found last week. New boat is doing great, getting lots of attention at the launch ramp and hope to at weigh-in!