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Testimonial - D. Howard


A true testament to the great handling Xpress builds in their boats.

I had a tournament on the Choctawhatchee River in North Florida and the river has many turns and few long stretches. I started out number 16. A Bullet with a Mercury 300HP started out 6th. in the 20 miles we traveled I was able to catch up with the Bullet and keep up with him due to how well I could hold speed in the corners. I was able to average 50MPH in the corners and 64MPH in the straights. (Two adults and full gear with a full tank of gas) I have not been able to make that boat skip in the corners where previous aluminum boats I have had in the past would literally slide around the corners making it unsafe over 30MPH. Thanks again for designing a boat that meets my needs.

Not only is Xpress exceptional from a performance perspective, the usability and practicality are unmatched. I have taken my Xpress 20 miles through East Bay and Escambia Bay in 4-6ft white cap chop to watch the Blue Angels perform. I averaged 18MPH yet I felt fully confident seeing how well the bow would stay up and bust right through the rollers. I am not suggesting that everyone should do this but I had the confidence in my boat and its capabilities.

I love the fact that I can fish with my Dad on the back deck and when he moves to the edge to flip a plastic I can barely feel the boat shift. In my previous Alumacraft Super Bandit it would make me cringe as I would feel like I was getting thrown out. Both standing on the edge to flip or pitch was out of the question in the old boat.

The X19 is very practical for recreation as well. I can pull tubes and kneeboards for the family and then take it through less than a foot of water to hang out and swim at the springs in Vernon FL.

From a styling perspective, I am getting constant compliments on the looks of the boat whether it is on the trailer or on the water.

Thanks again for building a great boat to meet all of my needs.

D. Howard
Vernon, FL